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Joist AI helps you find, curate and organize your content so you and your team can create high quality, winning proposals with ease.

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Win More Work with Less Effort

As a marketer, you and your team spend too much time searching through past projects and proposals. Created specifically for the construction, architecture and engineering industry, Joist AI is a content enablement platform that uses AI to automate revenue workflows, allowing marketing teams to:

Quickly find the right content when you need it the most

Customize content to be strategic and compliant

Spend more time on the capture plan and win strategy

Collaborate with team members

Digitize writing style guide to automate compliance

Compare against RFx requirements

You + AI = More Wins

The AI-powered assistant can help writers to quickly find the right words, phrases, and ideas that they need to create content that accurately communicates their message.

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Your Personal Proposal Assistant

Advanced search
helps you quickly find the content you need without digging through folders, servers, or databases; or waiting on other team members.
Generate new content
based on your own previous winning proposals and institutional knowledge.
Generate a Proposal Plan
with a click of a button by uploading RFQ/P, with the ability to edit from there.
A built-in analytics tool
helps you and your team catch language issues, duplications, and  inconsistencies.

Why your boss likes Joist

Build proposals 75% faster
Improve department productivity by over 30%
Improve pursuit/bid win rate and minimize risk
Boost profitability through strategic alignment
Eliminate duplication by unifying teams
Repurpose saved time toward win strategies and creative solutions

Real Users. Real Results.

See how the world's best builders and design firms are using Joist AI to win more work.

"Using Joist AI has provided our team with a unique professional development opportunity. It's flexibility to adapt to our needs has been gratifying--suggestions for improvements are always heard and implemented, making it a rewarding experience for our team. The collaborative relationship we have with Joist AI has been exceptional.”

Jen A.
Woodard & Curran

"Joist AI is every proposal professional's dream - by analyzing existing proposals to generate helpful and relevant content, it allows proposal professionals to focus on winning the job rather than finding information."

Sarah S.
Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam (LAN)

"Joist AI has become an indispensable tool for us. The AI-powered search is not just efficient—it's accurate and reliable. I can't emphasize enough how much time it has saved us."

Karlie F.
PCL Construction
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